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HTS Security provides business security in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We currently install, maintain and monitor security for many Twin Cities and western Wisconsin businesses. These business owners have placed their company and employee protection in the hands of HTS Security due to the vast knowledge we offer and affordability of our products.

Intrusion protection:

Perimeter protection is the first line of defense against an intruder. Door and window sensors and glass-breaks will trigger an alarm before an intruder steps one foot inside your business. A reliable second line of defense is motion detection. Motion detectors will trigger an alarm when a combination of movement and body heat come into the sensors field of vision. In addition to the basics we offer: silent hold up buttons, photo electric beams, cellular back up communications, visual alarm signaling, and 24 hr UL Listed local alarm monitoring. HTS Security is dedicated to professionally installing quality equipment at an affordable price.

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors:

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors are crucial life saving devices that HTS offers on every security system we install. Smoke and heat detectors are invaluable to business owners, not only to save lives but to protect company assets and files from being destroyed in the event of a fire. These sensors are all programmed as 24 hour zones. Should your intrusion detection be disarmed, the smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are always in full force and being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Temperature detection devices:

Temperature sensors are important, whether you’re a florist or restaurateur monitoring the temperature of a cooler, or a company monitoring the temperature of a computer network room. These sensors can save thousands of dollars worth of product, and hours or even days of down time to repair a computer network. These digital sensors allow the end user to determine the high and low limits of the area to be protected.

CCTV/Camera Surveillance systems:

More employers are implementing security cameras as a way to boost security around the office. Installing surveillance cameras can be an effective way to monitor quality assurance, employee action, theft, and vandalism. It’s also an effective way to keep insurance premiums under control. HTS Security has a large variety of camera options to choose from: indoor, outdoor, wide range, long range, box camera, dome camera, night vision, covert and web based. We also offer an array of digital video recorders with various size hard drives and camera inputs. When people know they’re being monitored by camera surveillance they are far less likely to engage in illegal activities.

Access Control:

Access control systems are designed to identify authorized individuals and allow only those people access to an office entrance or restricted area. Our access control systems can be programmed to obtain different authority levels. While one employee may have access to only one entrance of the building, another may have access to all restricted areas. This also makes worries about the need to rekey locks when an employee leaves your company a thing of the past. Simply delete them from the system and no longer will they have access to any protected area. HTS Security offers three different access control trigger types: cards, fobs and biometric finger print readers.

For more information about the security products and services we offer, contact us at 651-739-7777.

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