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Home Security Systems

home-security-systems-mn-wi Home security systems are quickly becoming a must have for every family. HTS custom designs all home security systems to fit your individual needs. Our home security systems do much more than just deter burglars. They can also detect smoke, carbon monoxide, water leakage, high/low temperature and medical emergencies. The digital technology we use comes in the form of a hybrid system. It can be hardwired, wireless or a combination of the two. This allows us the flexibility to tackle the toughest installations without breaking the bank, as well as allowing easy future expansion. Already have a security system? HTS services all major manufactured alarm systems. Whether you want to add to your existing system,or are looking for a local reliable monitoring company we are your security source.

Intrusion Protection:

Perimeter protection is the first line of defense against an intruder. Door/Window sensors, Glassbreaks, and laced screens will trigger an alarm before an intruder steps one foot inside your home. An effective second line of defense is Motion Detection. Motion Detectors will trigger an alarm when a combination of a movement and body heat come into the sensors field of vision. Pet immune motion detectors (strategically placed) will allow small to medium size pets the freedom to roam about the house without triggering an alarm.

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial life saving devices that HTS offers on all of our security systems. These sensors are programmed as 24 hpur zones.  In the event an intrusion protection is disarmed, the smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors remain on and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Temperature and Water Level Detection:

Temperature and water level sensors are ideal for homeowners who travel frequently, go on vacation, or have a second home. Living in a state where the temperature can drop below freezing for a significant part of the year, we have to worry about furnaces and sump pumps that stop working when we rely on them most. With HTS Security, frozen pipes and flooded basements can be one less thing for you to worry about. Let us monitor the temperature of your home and water level of your pump container. If the temperature inside your home drops below 42 degrees Fahrenheit or the water level of your pump container gets too high, our monitoring station will call you within seconds and/or call for emergency help.

Medical Pendants:

All of our security systems have a personal medical emergency option (remote control). If you have an elderly or disabled person living in your home, give them and yourself the peace of mind of never being alone. With the press of a button from any room in the home, help is on the way. Our monitoring operators can even give emergency dispatchers prior medical history before paramedics arrive. (See our 2-way voice section).

2-Way Voice/Intercom System:

2-Way voice is a direct connection between you and the monitoring station via small communication devices that contain a microphone and speaker located throughout the home. They allow the monitoring station to listen in after an alarm activation and talk directly to you, hands free. This allows for more accurate verification of false alarms, better determination of break-ins, and is invaluable in the event of a medical emergency. The same devices located throughout the home act as intercoms. Talk to someone in the basement from the second floor with the push of a button.

Cellular Communications:

Ideal for primary or backup security communications. Whether you’re looking to add a back up form of communication to your traditional land line, or you’re one of millions of homeowners that have opted to disconnect their home phone altogether. Technology has allowed us to keep you connected to our monitoring station regardless of an operational land line. For more information on cellular communications contact us at 651-739-7777